November 15, 2021

Next generation telecommunications Platform

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  14:00 15:30 Pavel Dvurechensky A short introduction to optimization
      Telecommunication technologies - 1
  15:30 15:45 Vyacheslav Loginov, Alexander Troegubov Collision resolution mechanism with support for mini-slots for 5G NR-U network base stations
  15:45 16:00 Polina Levchenko, Dmitry Bankov, Andrey Lyakhov, Evgeny Khorov About the features of the channel access method in NB-Fi networks
  16:00 16:15 Anton Kurapov, Danil Shamsimukhametov, Mikhail Lyubogoshchev Development of an algorithm for classifying encrypted traffic in an advanced security scenario
  16:15 16:30

Ilya Levitsky, Anton Tretiakov

Analysis of preamble puncturing algorithms for IEEE 802.11be networks 

  16:30 16:45 Dmitry Bankov, Andrey Lyakhov, Evgeny Khorov, Kirill Chemrov

Service of delay-sensitive traffic using multi-channel access methods in Wi-Fi networks

  16:45 17:00

Ilya Levitsky, Yaroslav Okatev

Asynchronous Multi-link Operation for Mobile Devices in Wi-Fi

  17:00 17:15 Vladislav Paroshin, Alexander Krotov Investigation of multichannel Wi-Fi 7 access methods using NS-3
  17:15 17:30 Evgeny Korneev, Mikhail Lyubogoshchev Virtual Reality Cloud Application Traffic Research
Break 17:30 17:45 Telecommunication technologies - 2
  17:45 18:00

Aleksei Shashin, Andrey Belogaev, Artem Krasilov

Transmission parameters selection for uplink URLLC traffic in scenarios with shared channel resources

  18:00 18:15 Kirill Glinsky, Alexey Kureev, Evgeny Khorov, Artem Krasilov Investigation of autoregressive algorithms for predicting MIMO channel parameters
  18:15 18:30 Ignat Melnikov, Alexey Khreshchuk Implementation of Layered Schedule for Information Bottleneck
  18:30 18:45 Artem Uglovsky, Alexey Khreshchuk Using Discrete Density Evolution in the construction of convolutional code matrices
  18:45 19:00 Ilya Burtakov, Alexey Kureev, Egor Endovitsky Development of a reconfigurable intelligent surface model in QuaDRiGa
  19:00 19:15 Ruslan Zaripov, Alexey Kureev Experimental study of redundant signals in UL-NOMA Wi-Fi
  19:15 19:30 Roman Zlobin, Alexey Kureev

Prototype of the UL-NOMA receiver in Wi-Fi

  19:30 19:45

Andrey Belogaev, Mikhail Litvinov, Artem Krasilov

Analysis of user grouping algorithms for multicast data transmission in MIMO systems

  19:45 20:00 Arseniy Poida, Egor Endovitsky, Alexey Kureev Investigation of data transfer rate and behavior of Wi-Fi devices in conditions of strong interference
  20:00 20:15 Grigoriy Korolev, Alexey Kureev

Enabling synchronous UL-NOMA in Wi-Fi networks

November 16, 2021

Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition Platform

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  14:00 15:30 Alexandra Suvorikova Statistics for non-statisticians
Break 15:30 15:40 Neural network statistics
  15:40 15:50 Aleksandr Artemenkov, Maxim Panov Improving the Performance of Autoencoding Models under Uncertainty
  15:50 16:00 Daria Kotova, Maxim Panov Application of Gaussian processes in classification and active learning tasks
  16:00 16:10 Nikita Kotelevsky, Alexander Shishkov, Kirill Fedyanin, Maxim Panov and Alexander Petushkov NUQ: Nonparametric Uncertainty Quantification for Deterministic NeuralNetworks
  16:10 16:20 Alexander Stepikin, Evgenia Romanenkova, Alexey Zaitsev Deep learning model solves change point detection for multiple change types
  16:20 16:40 Anna Dmitrienko, Evgenia Romanenkova, Alexey Zaitsev Using special attention improves change point detection
  16:40 16:50 Malika Satayeva, Nikita Balabin, Alexey Zaytsev Difference of Local Optima for Supervised and Self-supervised Learning
Break 16:50 17:30 Reconstruction and analysis of medical images
  17:30 17:40 Vsevolod Malevanny, Boris Shirokikh Domain adaptation of deep convolutional neural networks for medical image processing
  17:40 17:50 Talgat Saparov Domain generalization in the tasks of segmentation of CT images due to augmentation in reverse projection with filtering
  17:50 18:00 Artem Petrov

Using the Waserstein metric to select optimal augmentations in the task of adapting the subject area in the context of teaching without a teacher

  18:00 18:10 Andrey Yamaev, Nikolay Popov, Alexey Chulichkov Improving the accuracy and speed of the HFBP algorithm using compressed recurrent convolutions
  18:10 18:20 Anastasia Ingacheva, Eduard Alakhverdov, Ehrenfried Tsshekh Influence of quality assessment metrics at the moment of stopping in controlled tomographic reconstruction for studying the three-dimensional morphology of nanomaterials
Break 18:20 18:30 Color and spectral computer vision
  18:30 18:40 Artem Pogadaev, Egor Ershov, Vyacheslav Vasiliev Creation of a testing stand to evaluate the effectiveness of lighting compensation algorithms and their ranking
  18:40 18:50 Zaychenkova Ekaterina, Telyakova Ekaterina Restoration of the spectral sensitivities of the camera from the images of the color target
  18:50 19:00 Arina Chumachenko, Egor Ershov, Denis Shepelev, Daria Senshina Using the color vignetting effect to improve the accuracy of color coordinate conversion
  19:00 19:10 Valery Timofeev, Maria Pavlova, Dmitry Bocharov Segmentation of fields on Sentinel-2 satellite images using historical vegetation index data
Break 19:10 19:20 Robotics Section
  19:20 19:30 Victor Zinov, Sergey Gladilin The choice of a geometric model for the transformation of the image of the International Space Station to solve the problem of rendezvous and docking
  19:30 19:40 Mark Griguletsky, Egor Pristansky, Anton Grigoriev, Oleg Shipitko Restoration of the reference trajectory of an unmanned vehicle
  19:40 19:50 Alexey Ratnikov, Evgeny Safronov, Oleg Shipitko Implementation of algorithmic structures based on behavior trees
  19:50 20:00 V. Burmistrov, E. I. Panphilova Optimization of the linear feature detector based on the generation of synthetic data on a two-dimensional terrain map
  20:00 20:10 Mikhail Povolotsky, Maria Yarykina, Nafe Alkzir Segmentation of license plate images by convolutional neural network


November 17, 2021

Bioinformatics Platform

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  14:00 14:15 Maria Mochalina, Vera Talis, Oleg Kazennikov The transverse component of human walking in simple and complicated conditions
  14:15 14:30 Alexey Sizykh, Alexey Stupnikov

Hobotnica as a quantitative measure of differential gene expression analysis 

  14:30 14:45

Sofya Gaydukova, Adriana Vallesi, Stephen Heaphy, John Atkins, Pavel Baranov, Mikhail  Gelfand, Mikhail Moldovan

Features of the evolution of the genetic code of the infusoria of the genus Euplotes
  14:45 15:00 I. Zhegalova, S. Ulianov, A. Galitsyna, E. Khrameeva,  M. Gelfand

Elongated chromatin dots in D.discoideum


Information processes in vivo: from sensorics to motorics Platform

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  16:00 16:15 Irina Dolinskaya, Irina Solopova, Viktor Selivanov, Dmitry Zhvansky, Elena Keshishyan Interfacial connections formation based on the assessment of changes in patterns of muscle activity in early ontogenesis
  16:15 16:30 Anna Kasparson, Leonard Polishchuk Time resolution of fertility analysis in detecting strong trophic interactions in freshwater communities
  16:30 16:45 Tatiana Tarasova, Nikita Sevastyanov Analysis of acoustic signal preferences in behavioral experiments in two closely related locust species of the Stenobothrus eurasius group (Orthoptera, Acrididae)
  16:45 17:00 Nikita Sevastyanov, Varvara Vedenina Evolution of call signals of locust subfamily Gomphocerinae (Orthoptera, Acrididae)
  17:00 17:15 Alexey Aliper Color-component properties of elements with background activity of the retina of silver carp
  17:15 17:30 Alexandra Limanskaya Neural activity of various parts of the temporal cortex and hippocampus during periods of central sleep apnea in healthy cats
  17:30 17:45 Natalia Baranova Features of color vision of tailless amphibians in conditions of light and dark adaptation